Monday, May 26, 2008

Bill Kass of Chic Trib Knows Obama's Secret

Sandy Rios and Bill Kass were two Chicago "experts" on Bill O'Reilly's Show who described Obama from two absolutely opposite poles----both resolutely against!

Rios trotted out the oldie [but goodie] truisms about Obama's ultra-left loon contacts wtih loathsome traitor scum Ayers & Dohrn, etc. and said Saul Alinsky [the subject of Hillary's Wellesley grad thesis, though this was unmentioned] was at the heart of the Obamanable Showman's levitating to the top. The ultra-left MSM loves a wiggy liberal with a radical edge.

But Bill Kass brought up something that Lynn Sweet and other Chicago media types, who suddenly fell in line & made the Rezko case disappear like a David Copperfield magic trick, have SUDDENLY studiously neglected {"suddenly" used in the utmost irony in the second case].

That "SOMETHING" is the fact that Chicago is a vast Dem Empire with Repubs at the edges---Kass says what the US MSM doesn't understand is that this so-called "fresh new face" Obama puts forward is that of an OLD TIME CHICAGO MACHINE POLITICIAN.

Okay, Kass is seeing this through a Chi-town prism, and Chicagoland puts your mind in a strange part of the universe [lived there ten years before I moved to Boca].

Perhaps Kass is projecting. But given the assiduous neglect the NYT & its pilot fish have displayed towards investigating Obama's background, maybe Kass's POV deserves a follow-up.


Dave said...

Kass loses credibility by the day as he has been called out by a local reporter to back his numerous insinuations against Obama.

dave in boca said...

Yeah, maybe.... But have you or jeff any response to the following article?

I know the Chicago cops & Daley Machine are mobbed up, but this is ridiculous.

I'm sure the DA of Cook County is hot on the trail of the killers of the gay chorister & his pals---NOT!!