Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mickey Kaus Ridicules Girlie-Men Diplomacy

Blogginghead in this case pits two chihuahuas in the boxing ring/dogfight that has to make you wonder, what is in the bongs of these guys?

Bob Wright and new blogginghead Matt Yglesias worry that the Bushies, in tacit concert with hard-line Israelis, will blow [V] the dialectical opportunity for peace presented by Hamas' election victory. ... What I don't understand is why (as both Wright and Yglesias seem to assume) it would help if the United States now struck a "moderate" hopeful tone, giving Hamas "leeway" in order to "draw [them] in" to the peace process. Isn't that plodding State Department thinking--we send them a positive signal, they respond, etc? If we moved to be nicer to Hamas, it seems more likely that this would be the kiss of death--e.g. it would guarantee that they would become allergic to any moderation. If they're going to change, they need to do it themselves, after assessing their position in honest opposition to their enemies (Israel, and us) in a way that lets them take credit for standing up to them. By talking tough now, Bush doesn't foreclose that possibility--he enhances it, no? Today, confrontation. Manana, aufhebung! ... P.S.: Scott MacMillan makes an intriguing point about the way in which Hamas' very religiosity may allow it to compromise on territory. But I suspect they are a ways away from settling for the "Islamicization of individuals," the so-called "de-territorialized ummah." ..

Bear in mind that Scott's rosy scenario was written 2.5 YEARS ago. In it is a nugget worthy of mention:
Speaking to London's Financial Times earlier this month, an anonymous senior official in the Bush administration cited two French scholars, Olivier Roy and Gilles Kepel, who have long noted that political Islam becomes less caustic the less it is repressed.

So if McCain did dither a bit on the interview that weird Amanpour spouse Rubin touts as some sort of [he was for Hamas talks before....], it was probably because the Bushies were at the time delusionally believing the "pothole" theory that running a municipality would keep Hamas out of mischief. Hamas shill & Hezbollah asset Rubin simply left out a few details of occurrences after McCain said sotto voce maybe Hamas will straighten out [from many previous terrorist incidents] after the duties of office sober them up.

Let's see, how did that work out?

Hamas evicts Fatah in a bloody mini-civil war & parades Arafat's [ridiculous] Nobel Peace Prize medal around as booty---desecrating it more than its awarding to Arafat had smudged it. [Late 2006]

Hamas begins rocketing Sderot and Ashkelon in steady barrages---two Israeli neighbor cities that have no military bases or value. [2006-2008]

Hamas kidnaps an Israeli soldier still held hostage. Involved in Israeli/Lebanon border war of 2006 against cancer bolus Hezbollah]

Hamas continues rocketing with more range after knocking down Egypt/Gaza border [late 2007] and making a run for Cairo, where they pick up longer-range rockets in what just may have been a pre-planned operation run from Damascus or Tehran [girlie-men don't think Hamas or Damascus are smart enuf to do such a thing] and get back through the fence before it is closed [by collaborators in Egypt?]

[Recently] Meets with worst-POTUS-ever Jimmy Carter and simultaneously rockets Sderot to demonstrate contempt for this energizer-bunny---though Larry King interviewed him afterwards and Jimmy wouldn't admit being dissed. [note: Carter had no other interviews on TV as even liberals are ashamed of this semi-senile girlie-boy of 83]

Obama says preconditions aren't necessary for negotiations with Hamas---although Hamas refuses to recognize Israel's existence.

Mickey had an abbreviated post. Just thought I'd fill in some details.

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