Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bush Approval Rating Higher than Truman's

The Explainer gives a left-wing lame explanation on how all the glaring headlines about Bush's highest disapproval rating are true---except GWB's approval rating is higher than Truman's was at 22% when HST declined to run again---cuz he'd have lost for sure. And Truman's lowest lows were after less than seven years, not seven & a half like GWB.

So when the media keep coming across with "most unpopular president ever," it's one of those half-truths the left specializes in.

Of course, Jimmy Carter's numbers aren't mentioned, they're too embarrassing! After only four years, the diminuitive failed peanut farmer's approval level was about the same as GWB's & he sure did lose to Ronald Reagan, despite a ginormous media onslaught on how RWR's election would mean WWIII.

The consistently pro-Dem MSM gave whack-job Ross Perot the cred he needed after he proved he was his own Rev. W[right or rong]! GHWB lost to a clown by a small margin while the ca-raazy old aunt-man in the attic waltzed in with over 10% of the vote as gullible RINOs took the bait. And now Ms. Ginzberg is part of the SCOTUS. Score one for the ACLU.

But the good news is that the NYT is losing about 5% of its subscribers every six months---so many lies, so little time!

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