Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wilentz on How the Dems Can't Handle the Truth

Sean Wilentz is the only halfway decent historian, okay----make that quarter-way decent---among the shrieking night-flying moonbat crowd dreaming McGovern dreams again.

Meantime, the NYT whistles past the graveyard by completely ignoring what is becoming obvious and beating the drums for Obama and positing doubts about McCain.

Wilentz doesn't mince words about Obama's vulnerabilities in the big union states like Ohio & WV which are now poised to go for McCain [as is PA after his crude characterization of hunters and Christians and "bitter .....and clinging..." to an elite audience in San Francisco where he thought, like George Allen, that he wasn't on the public record:
Obama must assume that the demographics of American politics have changed dramatically in recent years so that the electorate as a whole is little more than a larger version of the combined Democratic primary constituencies of Oregon and South Carolina. While recent studies purport to show that the white working class has, indeed, shrunk over the past fifty years, as a political matter its significance remains salient, especially in the battleground and swing states--states like Ohio and West Virginia where Obama currently trails Senator John McCain in the polls. One of the studies that affirms the diminishing proportion of blue collar whites in the electorate, written for the Brookings Institution by Ruy Teixeira and Alan Abamowitz, concludes [pdf], nevertheless, that "the voting proclivities of the white working class will make a huge difference and could well determine who the next president will be."

Politico also has the real world analysis that is lacking in cloud-cuckoo MSM fluff & puff about Obama. The smoothie Anointed One will have his nether parts waxed by McCain because he is counting on a fatuous intelligentsia, pliant media, sophomoric kiddies & of course, those other people, to form a new coalition.

We'll have to wait and see if he can get back the Reagan Democrats he insulted so roundly in SF---and those females over forty, you know, the ones THAT VOTE.

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Sean Wilentz bugs the heck out of me, actually! LOL!!

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