Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brzezinski Following Carter Into the Dying of the Light?

I worked in Georgetown Center for Strategic International Studies in the early '80s. Zbig Brzezinski was there and was always kind and gentlemanly. Henry Kissinger was also there & had neither of those qualities. So I'm a bit sad to see ZB falling into the same deferential mode toward terrorist states that his former boss, JC, has walked for quite some time now. Especially since ZB was eerily prophetic about the downfall of the USSR long before anyone else dared to even say such a thing in public.

I just saw him being interviewed by his zany daughter Mika on Morning Joe. ZB said the country with the most underutilized natural gas and energy sources in the world, implying crude oil, was Iran.

1] Iran does have vast underutilized NG reserves----partly because of its incompetence. This is a country which cannot refine its own crude and has to export it & re-import refined product.

2] The country with the highest level of underexploration and utilization is probably the USA, an energy Gulliver tied down by a thousand Lilliputian threads of EPA & Enviro-moonbats & AGW whack-jobs. Open up ANWR [the argument since the early '80s is that expanding the North Slope would take "ten Years" and therefore, let's not even do it.

3] Oberhauptfrau Bobo Boxer from California is the chief ogress in the sad story of American neglect of its energy heritage. The Shell USA Prez yesterday read the truth to the Senate Judiciary Cte and they can't handle the truth. Dick Cheney's verbal summary of Sen. Leahy was accurate & remains accurate. The clowns in the World's Oldest Deliberative Body simply blame the messengers when their own silly legislative mandates and over-regulation are at fault.

ZB ridiculed GWB for 'begging" for oil from the Saudis. Wonder what he thought of his old peanut farmer boss begging terrorist entities like Hezbollah & Hamas for the slightest sign of moderation, such as the release of kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

The silly old fool got his answer when Hamas bombarded an Israeli civilian shopping mall while the grinning moron was in the room talking with Hamas leadership. [Of course, this silly old fool pretended not to notice.]

ZB has come a long way from being the prophet of Soviet doom to a shill for a clown like Ahmadodojihad.

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