Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fleischer Successor Actually Even Dumber than He Looks.

Karl Rove handled the "revelations" that turnip-truck driver McLellan unveiled in a book obviously aimed at the BDS market. Rove said quite simply that a guy of such narrow gauge just wasn't even close to the decision-making process, and that when Scotty-boy says he never saw Rove consult with Libby until the Plame fiasco/made-up brouhaha, that was because Scott basically wasn't that perceptive.

Karl's most lucid point was that the Scott he knew wouldn't write that book [and I myself wonder who ghosted SM's tome for him].

Which watching re-runs of Scott's hilariously inept sessions at the White House podium, makes Karl extremely credible in that department.

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GW said...

McClellan reminds me of nothing so much as Fredo Corleone in terms of incompetence, weakness and disloyalty. I think he should be wary of any offers to go fishing over the next several years.