Monday, May 05, 2008

Sen Obama Fills his Own Gas Tank

Maureen Dowd serves up another set of esoterica in her quest to prove Obama is just one of the boys, despite his Ueber-prepped out background [Modo didn't mention the mother on food stamps left lil Barry with a racist white grandma who was occasionally afraid of blacks who looked like criminals while mommy studied the restless natives of Indonesia hoping one would run amok and then submit to her probing anthropological queries afterwards. As a payback for her abandoning him, perhaps, Obama didn't make it to her deathbed in the late '90s because of pressing conflicts in his schedule. And his grandmother went under the bus, the first babe to be thrown to the wolves in the troika which was followed by Rev. Wrong, who's now wolf-meat. Could Michelle be next?] Obambi\ bleats back:
“I do think that one of the ironies of the last two or three weeks was this idea that somehow Michelle and I are elitist, pointy-headed intellectual types,” he said, adding sincerely, “I filled up my own gas tanks.”

Strangely, I met Obama's predecessor, Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, at a gas pump in the western suburbs of Chicago shortly after his election. He was alone filling his tank---for a Lincoln Navigator [I believe it was in 1999]. I told him my wife had worked as a Legislative Assistant for a US Senator & he nodded. I also met and talked to Carol Moseley Braun, Fitzgerald's predecessor as Senator. Peter was probably the only Senator ever to have both succeeded and been succeeded by Black American senators.

Fitzgerald had more integrity in his cuticles than Obama has in his whole career---Peter sent Republican governor Ryan & many other deadbeats in his own party to the guillotine of his namesake Patrick Fitzgerald, whom he had recommended as prosecutor for his own integrity. Peter lost the support of the crooked Republican Party in Illinois & the seat went back over to the crooked Democrat Party in that state.

Fitzgerald is in a political no man's land for doing the right thing.

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