Friday, May 09, 2008

EUtopia doesn't fit British Freedoms---so the Voters Say

Howling Wolf has a nice piece on how EUtopia has a bit of a hitch, or many hitches, namely opaque deliberative processes made by faceless functionaries which impose apodictic mandates on member countries. One country that recently adopted the EU version of Liberal Fascism is the UK, and Gordon Brown felt the reaction from the freedom-loving inhabitants of that island kingdom. Unlike their continental counterparts, they have had liberty for centuries and the huge electoral rebuff to Labor was because Labor recently adopted the EU insanity as part of their own code.

One result of the EU's mindless authoritarian leftism was the release of a major terrorist, one of Mohammed Atta's preacher heroes, from captivity despite forged passports and fake visas---this criminal claimed political asylum and thus by EU law cannot be returned to Jordan, which want to prosecute him for terrorism. He's now living on the dole & the shiftless nomad will not get a job & has no skills except plotting mayhem.

The Daily Telegraph [h/t: EU Referendum] has an article on how the EU Politburo reaches decisions that are made by unelected officials who do not publish minutes of their deliberations. Europe was always a continent of authoritarian verging on totalitarian governments. Only France had some sort of legislature with power until well into the 20th c. Now the UK is suffering from these Big Brother bureaucrats in the Orwellian nightmare that Europe has become.

Hopefully, David Cameron will be elected soon and put an end to Britain's dabbling in slavery [As in "Rule Britannia...., Britons never never never will be slaves..."

Gordon Brown to the contrary notwithstanding.

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