Friday, May 23, 2008

Fox Broadcast Now #1; FoxNEWS Crushing Opposition

Rupert Murdoch's Magic Touch reached another milestone as Fox won the whole shebang among broadcast networks.

For Murdoch, the wins keep on comin'. On cable, FoxNEWS has crushed CNN like a bug, although Town Drunk Turner said the opposite would happen. MSNBC has become laughably confrontational and ultra-leftist, leaching eyeballs away from its aging crew of talking heads.

The WSJ has about twice the readership of the NYT & the Journal is gaining readers as the Times hemorrhages circulation. The NY Post is doing okay.

Meanwhile cast-off NBC limped into a weak fourth place behind Fox, CBS, & ABC. And NBC will be weaker when Jay Leno skips to Fox or ABC after his contract runs out.

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