Friday, May 02, 2008

Ayers & Boudin & Dohrn are Criminals with Tenure, part 2

City Journal [h/t: Dr.Sanity] examines just what unrepentant terrorist Ayers is up to in his role as Kabalmeister to indoctrinate the K-12 kids:
In the ultraliberal Hyde Park community where the presidential candidate first earned his political spurs, Ayers is widely regarded as a member in good standing of the city’s civic establishment, not an unrepentant domestic terrorist. But Obama and his critics are arguing about the wrong moral question. The more pressing issue is not the damage done by the Weather Underground 40 years ago, but the far greater harm inflicted on the nation’s schoolchildren by the political and educational movement in which Ayers plays a leading role today.

A Chicago native son, Ayers first went into combat with his Weatherman comrades during the “Days of Rage” in 1969, smashing storefront windows along the city’s Magnificent Mile and assaulting police officers and city officials. Chicago’s mayor at the time was the Democratic boss of bosses, Richard J. Daley. The city’s current mayor, Richard M. Daley, has employed Ayers as a teacher trainer for the public schools and consulted him on the city’s education-reform plans. Obama’s supporters can reasonably ask: If Daley fils can forgive Ayers for his past violence, why should Obama’s less consequential contacts with Ayers be a political disqualification? It’s hard to disagree. Chicago’s liberals have chosen to define deviancy down in Ayers’s case, and Obama can’t be blamed for that.

Liberals are infected with the traitorous genes that Jonah Goldberg's excellent book "Liberal Fascism" describes at great length and in detail. Ayers was too stupid to make bombs that would blow up anything except his girlfriends [I knew Diana Oughton who became a 'splodin' dude in Greenwich Village in 1970], but this coward and specimen of moral turpitude does have an agenda that fits his treason-gene Political Commissar skill-set.
Ayers’s politics have hardly changed since his Weatherman days. He still boasts about working full-time to bring down American capitalism and imperialism. This time, however, he does it from his tenured perch as Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Instead of planting bombs in public buildings, Ayers now works to indoctrinate America’s future teachers in the revolutionary cause, urging them to pass on the lessons to their public school students.

Indeed, the education department at the University of Illinois is a hotbed for the radical education professoriate. As Ayers puts it in one of his course descriptions, prospective K–12 teachers need to “be aware of the social and moral universe we inhabit and . . . be a teacher capable of hope and struggle, outrage and action, a teacher teaching for social justice and liberation.” Ayers’s texts on the imperative of social-justice teaching are among the most popular works in the syllabi of the nation’s ed schools and teacher-training institutes. One of Ayers’s major themes is that the American public school system is nothing but a reflection of capitalist hegemony. Thus, the mission of all progressive teachers is to take back the classrooms and turn them into laboratories of revolutionary change.

Dr. Sanity notes all this has been tried and done before, and Ayers' little homily on social justice was part of Fichte's course on education in 1810, as this Hegelian began the journey down the long road to authoritarian madness the US just destroyed in the Soviet Union. Cuba is just starting to dig out of the hole that Ayers would have mindless unionized lib-bots instilling in helpless kids.

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