Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NBA Finals: Pro Wrestling?

Anyone who watched the final seconds of the Laker/Spurs game knows that the refs & league officials are in the tank for LA. An almost flagrant foul by Derek Fisher on Brett Barry wasn't called & the camera caught all the action. The second-rate announcers, one of whom had not noticed that LA had only 2 seconds left on the shot clock with 5.6 left, also earlier neglected to say how many fouls were on Duncan after he was whistled. The announcing is as bad as the refereeing.

Last year, a ref was finally convicted for a horrendous infraction in a Heat game I had watched weeks before---I suspect that the whole "show" is rigged to get an LA media market into the Finals rather than a mini-market like San Antonio.

I wouldn't take my kid to an NBA game anymore---like pro wrestling, it's turning into a contact sport that isn't credible to folks who remember back when it was a game. I'll watch the Celtics play the latest edition of the Bill Laimbeer smash & grab Pistons, but if it's Pistons/Lakers finals, forget about it.

Who wants to see an unconvicted rapist ballyhooed by moral idiots and celebritards?

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