Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bill O'Reilly is a [fake & phony] People's Populist

Again tonight, I made the mistake of watching The Factor, the O'Reilly franchise built up over the last decade to pretend to be looking out "for YOU."

Fact is, O'Reilly points out interesting sell-outs, as an earlier generation phrased the term, of turnip-truck dropouts like McClellan, et al.

But Bill, who pretends to be looking out for YOU, interrupts Dick Morris when he posits the very credible argument that a Dem Oval Office/Both Houses of Congress administration would not only pass a "Fairness Doctrine," but also basically turn the First Amendment into a National Archive artifact. But as Dick was explaining, Bill cut him off [by saying you're much more conservative than I am] because Bill has an ego the size of Eurasia and also wants to be regarded as an Independent. Dick is several light years ahead of Showman Bill & Second-Rate Bill on the future of leftist politics, so let Dick say his piece without your silly interruptions. And if Bill theythinks he can escape the leftist Siberia that awaits him if Dems sweep the table, then he's more delusional than he appears.

But it gets worse when Bill goes on to denigrate Terry Keenan and Liz Claman on oil economics, which he knows nothing about. Bill blames the oil companies while Terry & Liz correctly point out the denial of drilling rights in ANWR on specious spurious eco-treehugger BS. And the law of Supply and Demand, which Bill hasn't heard of.

This 6'6" clown actually thinks OPEC is able to increase production at the drop of a hat. Absolutely no knowledge on a subject which he pontificates on without any inkling of what's going on.

My conservative friends say he's useful in pointing out that pitiful moral morons on the left have induced a McClellan to sell his soul for thirty pieces of silver.

But Bill has to stop interrupting people to make the next step to become a real change-artist of events like his arch-nemesis [on the right] El Rushbo, who takes him daily game, set, match.

And he's sillier than McCain if he thinks the MSM will ever accept him for anything but an entertainer with a niche.

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