Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lou Dobbs Bats Down Two Obama Shills/oops, Commentators

Lou Dobbs has two of the CNN "commentators," a fellow named Toobin who wrote a second-rate book on SCOTUS & a fellow named Schneider, who rarely has an insight, but always lets you know whom he is in the tank for [always a Dem, in this case Obama]. Tonight they were both yammering about how soon the inevitability of the superdelegates' shift to Obama means it's already over.

Dobbs quite correctly called them on this simple recitation of Obama's talking points. You may or may not like Hillary, but the silliest joke in DC is that the Democrat Party is pretending to be Democratic, while brokering and jockeying in full public eye. Dobbs then said that journalists are simply not doing their jobs by simply letting the Dems job according to their silly arcane party rules without at least examining the underlying premise that FL & MI are being screwed by a scream machine named Dean.

Dobbs out and out called the decision to deprive both states of delegate votes "stupid." Dobbs asked why the working-class Dems in Michigan, a union state behind Hillary, should feel compelled to vote a ticket that deprived them of any say-so in choosing the nominee because of an autocratic dwarf named Dean.

Toobin is a meat-head and simply smiled and dodged. Schneider was man enough to at least admit that Dobbs has a point. The Democrat Party rules are by no means "Democratic" and if every vote is counted, Hillary may come out on top.

Then Toobin remembered his instructions and divined that May 31st is the magic day for deciding MI & FL. I prefer to follow Camille's caustic comment closely, she's usually right:
I'm puzzled by the optimism of so many commentators and Democratic functionaries who are prophesying Hillary's graceful withdrawal by mid-June. Is there anything in the Clintons' tawdry history to support such a thesis? Why wouldn't they play smiley-face rope-a-dope now and smash-mouth alley-and-ambush fisticuffs right to the bitter end -- meaning the convention in August? It's now or never for Ms. Hill.

She's right and that's why I'll be surprised if Hillary drops out before the Convention. Fat Teddy in '80 stayed in the race going onto the Convention Floor against the peanut-farming disaster in the White House. FT was 700 votes behind.

Maybe someone should ask Teddy what Hillary should do. He's shameless, but maybe even he would squirm to be reminded. Although most of his frontal lobes might have been eaten away by now & that memory could be gone.

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Americaneocon said...

Actually, if it's Bill Schneider, he's okay. I've been watching CNN for years, and Schneider's always been on the up and up.

Dobbs is actually getting to me, LOL!

Off to watch O'Reilly, so what do I know...!