Sunday, June 01, 2008

Illegal Immigration & the Strangling of Talk Radio

Theodore Dalrymple's article on immigration spurred a thought that has been knocking on the door of my mind.
A third of London’s residents were born outside Britain, a higher percentage of newcomers than in any other city in the world except Miami, and the percentage continues to rise. Likewise, migration figures for the country as a whole—emigration and immigration—suggest that its population is undergoing swift replacement. Many of the newcomers are from Pakistan, India, and Africa; others are from Eastern Europe and China. If present trends continue, experts predict, in 20 years’ time, between a quarter and a third of the British population will have been born outside it, and at least a fifth of the native population will have emigrated. Britain has always had immigrants—from the French Huguenots after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes to Germans fleeing Prussian repression, from Jews escaping czarist oppression to Italian prisoners of war who stayed on after World War II—and absorbed them. But never so many, or so quickly.

Like London & Miami, where my daughter will live off-campus next year in Coral Gables, other cities are dealing with massive onslaught on economic and political refugees fleeing states run by socialist madmen [Cuba in Miami's case] or failed nation states with insane reactionary male dominance in the culture London, for example with its Pakistanis & Iranians] or in France's case, all of the above from Africa and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East and South Asia.
The U.S. can handle immigration diversity as well as Britain, but the big question is the prospective end of diversity of opinion in the mass media

As a bit of a non sequitur, today on TV I heard a commenter say that liberal fascists have been trying to kill talk-radio because they really don't have a message. They don't have real policies, except warmed-over socialist bromides that have been tried almost everywhere and don't really work anywhere except maybe Scandanavia. The reason talk radio is conservative is because there is no conservative alternative on the electronic or print media--- even FOX News---on top in cable for the last 77 months, is basically centrist. Ditto the WSJ. And wacko-cable like MSNBC is unwatched. Wonder why? Nobody buys their BS.

The liberal fascists want to kill talk radio for the same reason the Kennedy Administration did back in the early '60s, to deny a strong conservative base its rallying point. Back then, all broadcast networks were in thrall to the liberal media. Now the MSM is still liberal, but more people listen to talk radio daily than watch TV news.

The liberal fascists lie and exaggerate every shortcoming, but Republicans keep on getting re-elected. And it ain't because of the very liberal media, it's because of the basic conservatism of the American people---something liberal fascists cannot change. As long as 35% of Americans consider themselves "conservative" and only 20% call themselves "liberal," as poll after poll has demonstrated year after year, this unchanging equilibrium will keep the US a republic, and what the Founders rightly thought was the chimera of democracy will be staved off.

After the failure of Marxist economics and politics to effect anything else than autocracy, an Italian socialist [name escapes me at the moment] called for undermining the morals of the people and changing the culture by appealing to the public's lower nature.

The only way liberal fascism has ever imposed its will on a country has been through Political Correctness, which in turn derives from Lenin's encounter with new mass media in the early twenties. PC leads to "hate speech" leads to "thought crimes" and without a countervailing media force of some kind, to 1984 with all its abominations in a Stalinist cultural tomb.

Dalrymple neglects to mention in his article that illegal immigration is being employed in the States to change the demographic basis in an effort to impel Hispanics into voting Democratic by pleading for their assimilation despite their cheating and law-breaking. Precisely what Teddy K. swore would not happen when he got the first amnesty through the Senate way back in the day. That Kennedy lied is no surprise.

I'm surprised how people can continue to watch the laws of the land completely ignored and the basic rights of native-born Americans restricted. Lou Dobbs & all cable news networks [except liberal fascist MSNBC] are now slowly coming to realize the threat that immigration amnesties pose to our cherished liberties---and the "Fairness Doctrine" will remove the one major "marketplace of ideas" remaining to impede the destruction of our republic and the ascendancy of a liberal fascist elite that will never allow our essential freedoms to survive.

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