Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary Resurgent as Obama has the "Deer in Headlights" Look

Pew catches a snapshot of Obama in a slo-mo free-fall as the Rev. Wright repercussions are beginning to be felt among the Dem working-class white voters. Wright insulted Italians & praised Farrakhan, [ by implication insulting Catholics & Jews]. But Pew says the basics still remain in favor of a Dem in the general:
Nonetheless, there is no indication that either Obama or Clinton have been weakened in general election matchups against John McCain. As in March, both Democrats best McCain in general election matchups by small margins (Obama by 50% to 44%, and Clinton by 49% to 45%).

Gallup also has Hillary ahead 49% to 45%. And the trend is Hillary's friend. Gallup's commentary is succinct:
Obama has had a rough few weeks in the campaign, with his widely publicized remarks about "bitter" voters, Clinton's decisive win in the crucial Pennsylvania primary, and renewed media attention to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the controversial former pastor of Obama's church, with Wright speaking out publicly this past week. Obama has also come under criticism from both Clinton and John McCain for opposing a proposal to suspend the federal gasoline tax during the summer months. As a result, Obama has moved from a consistent lead over Clinton to a deficit. Obama has just a few days to reverse the tide going into next Tuesday's Indiana and North Carolina primaries.

CNN sees Barack's support plummeting as he can't stop the hemorrhaging due to the combo of "bitter/Wright-wing" stomach punches.
“In mid-March, Obama had a 52 percent to 45 percent edge over Clinton, but his support has dropped six points while she has not gained any ground,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. He adds that “six percent now volunteer that they want neither one to be the nominee; no Democrats in the March poll felt that way.”

But is there some sort of Bradley effect on those polled fibbing about why Obama is losing support? The single-watt Dem cheerleader Schneider hasn't any clue:
“Obama has lost his edge. Is it because of the controversy over his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright? While most Democrats have an unfavorable opinion of Wright, only 19 percent say Wright's statements have made them less favorable to Obama. More than two thirds say they've had no effect at all,” says CNN Senior Political Analyst Bill Schneider.

Yeah, Bill, and do you remember those exit polls which consistently overstate the percentage of voters who say they voted for Obama, or Bradley, or any black candidate? That would be journalism, and Schneider has never been accused of practicing what for CNN is a black art! But in Indiana, they're smarter & brighter & more honest than CNN's Schneider:
Indiana's largest poll has Hillary gaining rapidly due to "Pastor" Wright's outspoken silliness. Voters actually admit it.

But the MSM doesn't listen to the voters---just the echo chamber inside their cocoons [metaphor alert!].

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