Friday, May 02, 2008

Boris Johnson Wins London Mayoralty to Cap Conservative Victory

London was where I was living for a few months when Margaret Thatcher got the heave-ho---John Major served only a little time afterwards and it was Thatcher's departure that truly sealed the Conservatives' loss of power for the next decade and a half.

Like Reagan, there will never be another Thatcher. Cameron is only a shadow of Margaret's strong-leader charisma---hopefully, he will help arrest the UK's slide into multi-culti nonsense, but he seems to be Blair/Brown-lite on issues like the environment.

Boris Johnson was born in NYC and jokingly says he'd like to run for US president. If he can roll back Livingstone's excesses & Council sillinesses, he's got a future in a USA a lot more conservative than the Brit conservative party.

Seriously, the US Republicans are wilting rapidly---McCain is going around professing how "green" he is.

Is there any hope in the country of compassionate conservatism?

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