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Austria is Hitler's Homeland & Josef Fritzl's too!

Liberal Fascist Austria has put David Irving in prison for being one of the best historians of Germany during WWII [John Keegan & AJPTaylor say so] while the same ultra-left socialist workers' paradise listens to Josef Fritzl blame his daughter's imprisonment on the Nazis.

Yes, you can rub your eyes a bit.

He also says that he's "getting bad press" because people don't give him credit for not killing his daughter and seven kids in the sex dungeon he had laboriously constructed beneath his home. And Austria's fierce penal code may give Fritzl a lesser sentence than David Irving [no First Amendment in the birthplace of "Der Fuhrer"] or no sentence at all if he pleads insanity.

Arnold Schwartzenegger was smart to leave that place ASAP. The burgers of his hometown have removed his name from the stadium because of a supposed infraction of a PC rule. He was lucky to get out of the place before his brain rotted out.

I recall a long conversation with a young Austrian professor in Paris who told me that Austria has the highest incest rate in Europe. One of the reasons Freud's papers are still kept under lock and key in London was that the stories of intra-familial sex were so numerous, people might get a bad impression of pre-WWI Vienna.

Now Austria has surpassed anything that Freud's patients could have told him! The weirdest part is the comical way the Grand Functionaries [there are no petty functionaries in Oesterreich] keep doing their Punch & Judy act with each other and the alleged perp. But the perp's personality appears to be unappealing, so much so that prostitutes in Austria's legal brothels refused to service him. But the Mouse That Roared aspect of this rump of the Austro-Hungarian Empire keeps on getting more comical:
Meanwhile, the Fritzl case has reached the Austrian parliament, where MPS will debate on whether to introduce lengthier prison sentences for sex offenders and change laws to allow the criminal records to be preserved for a longer period.

The move comes after it was revealed that Fritzl had previous convictions for rape and attempted rape, as well as charges for arson, but was nevertheless awarded care over three children born out of the incestuous relationship with his daughter, as according to Austrian laws files on sex offences are being removed from the records after ten to 15 years.

The Austrian Justice Minister Maria Berger has admitted that authorities have mishandled the Fritzl case for the first time and said that police and social services had acted “somewhat gullibly”. She said that the disappearance of Elisabeth in 1984, when her father kidnapped her but told authorities she had run away to join a religious cult, was “not sufficiently investigated”.

“Today, we would surely go about it differently and conduct a detailed investigation,” Mrs Berger said.

Oh yes, Maria, we bet you would. You're so much more efficient than you were back in 1984.

Or perhaps you're stuck in a 1984 Orwellian nightmare? Big Sister Maria & her "police & social services" no longer act "somewhat gullibly." They still act "somewhat stupidly," which seems to be the national ethos.

But James Taranto in the WSJ has a nice little piece on the father/daughter affair:
An Austrian man named Josef Fritzl "fathered seven children with his daughter while keeping her imprisoned in his cellar," London's Daily Telegraph reports:
Fritzl . . . has complained of receiving a bad press and not being given credit for keeping his dungeon family alive for more than two decades.
Fritzl, 73 claimed that media coverage was "unfair" and "entirely one-dimensional", given the fact that he did not kill his daughter and the children he produced with her during 24 years of sexual abuse in a subterranean bunker in Amstetten.
"I am no monster," Fritzl said though his lawyer Rudolf Mayer, according to the German tabloid newspaper Bild.
"I could have killed all of them, and no one would have known. No one would have ever found about it."

This is a rather unpersuasive defense. In fact, it reminds us of that joke about the definition of chutzpah: a man who kills his parents, than pleads for mercy because the media failed to report that he's an orphan.

Like the 20-odd Canadians with a variation of Mohammed in their names who tried to blow up Police HQ in Toronto & Parliament in Ottawa were "typical Canadians" to the clueless Canuck spokesperson, Josef Fritzl might be a "typical Austrian" in his confused personal criminality.

Bring back the Hapsburgs!!

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