Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just How Stupid is Barack Hussein Obama?

Obama is hallucinating, improper, and downright STUPID in his Memorial Day Speech in New Mexico.

To Obama, it isn't about military sacrifice---he only mentions "Fallen Heroes" without mentioning military service or death in war.

Then this clueless moron insults the really brave, hard-working military heroes who gladly put themselves in harm's way as.....you won't believe this dude....VICTIMS.

Because that's all the Dems can see.

The incredible shrinking Moyers disgraced himself on The Daily Show [Who's idea was it to invite this surrender-monkey on Memorial Day?] by portraying the American people as victims by lying outrageously---lies are the only ammunition left to the Dems---about the income differentials among Americans increasing---his figures were preposterous.

Then on C-Span, I noticed an elderly creature named Parker attest to the fact that 500,000 children have died in the Iraqi invasion---and the obliging host felt no compunction to point out that casualties in Iraq are less than 100,000 killed.

It appears that the New York Times today editorialized that the US has lost the war in Iraq, just as it appears that Al Qaeda is collapsing and there are great signs of a Shi'ite/Sunni rapprochement, though the Kurds may not yet have signed on.

The Surreality Community that is supporting the leftist psychosis [AKA, Democrat Party] is tearing itself up because of its insane focus on victimhood and identity politics----just how long are the American People going to continue to swallow such arrant BS?

At least it looks like McCain could win because the Dems are self-destructing---the wages of sin.....

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