Friday, May 23, 2008

Media tries to boost Michelorosa & Dean The Scream Machine

Editor & Publisher is an outsource of the DNC & actually believes Howard Dean, the Scream Machine, when he says that the Electoral College is "back in the days of the Pony Express."

As usual, this silly excuse of a moonbat misses several points at once. First, the EC is to give small states, like the People's Republic of Vermont, a bit more oomph in the General. Not that this atrabilious bong-puffer would notice.

Second, despite the creeping socialism & attempted takover of politics by the MSM, the USA remains a Republic and any change like the EC's abolition would require 38 states to overturn it. Not just 61 nutjobs in the Senate or 250 moonbats in the House.

I don't know how the emotionally-disturbed autocrat from Vermont got his MD license, but he is a hysterical hyperventilating Napoleon wannabe with a mouth much larger than his brain.

And Michele should stop whining about her SATs. Makes her look even stupider than her other remarks about being proud of America "for the first time." What is wrong with this libtard? Or rather what is right about her?

Here is what two strange creatures from Time-in-the-tank-for-Obama wrote about those who dare to attack Michellorosa, the Omarosa-lite crying machine on Trump's program who believes the world's against her[and note the sky-is-falling mantra every libtard employs while talking about the horrors of last year]:
“They are probably right that most Americans have a happier impression of the past 40 years. But the skies have darkened in the past year … Those who hear Michelle in person often talk about feeling that they are seeing for the first time a political figure who understands what their lives are really about.”

The article is fairly balanced but comes down mainly on her side. After noting complaints by conservatives, the writers observe: "The attacks make one wonder how those who find Michelle Obama's gritty realism out of bounds would mount a campaign in this climate. By suggesting everything is swell? By gliding silently over the battered economic landscape at home in order to talk instead only about terrorism abroad?."

Ah, if whining about SATs being a plot by "Whitey" is gritty realism, I'd like a toke of these two specimen-scribblers' bong.

Hyperventilating PMSNBC is waiting for this pair of in-the-tank hacks---they need [empty] talking heads.

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