Monday, May 05, 2008

"Lots of the News That's Fit To Print (All The News That Fits Our Narrative

Tom Maguire notes the NYT Ombudsman admits:
Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt admits the obvious - the Times early coverage of the most recent installment of the Jeremiah Wright story was a joke:

and then goes on to quote the gullible NYT readers who noticed that Alessandra Stanley was covering on the front page of the Times REACTIONS to news about Wright that hadn't been reported in the senile white-haired ancient lady except on page A24 below the fold [the usual sub-basement coverage of Obama problems that don't fit its gooey cloud-cuckoo narrative that Obama is the second coming of MLK Jr. in a smarter hipper meat-body.] The august cliff notes for the chattering classes never had mentioned the quote "God Damn America" except in some Op-Ed columns that didn't get the message---the wink & the nod that Obama was faultless & pristine, the Kim Jung-Il school of NYT Obamalotry.

The latest CBSNYT polls appear to show an Obama comeback---of course these Operating Thetan IIIs at the leftist fringe never incorporate the Bradley Effect in their [probably] tilted stat cohort. Anything with a major network or the NYT in a poll lessens its cred to sensible pol junkies.

The NYT has been combing mega-malls in Indiana to get man-on-the-street interviews that all have the same theme---Obama is Da Man & that Wright thing isn't important.

How scientific!

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