Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Academicide? Or is it Academentia? You Choose

Priya Venkatesan taught WRITING at Dartmouth, but didn't seem to be the most skilled & caring teacher. First, as a "writer" she should know that the sentence:
I am accusing some of you (whom shall go unmentioned in this email) of violating Title VII of anti-federal [SIC] discrimination laws.

contains two egregious solecisms, one of grammar & another of fact.

First, the subject of a passive voice is in the nominative case, so it's "who" shall go unmentioned.

Second, it's the Federal anti-discrimination laws, not the "anti-federal" laws, as the [sic] points out.

This creature teaches students who almost certainly write and think better than she does, and she's at DARTMOUTH!

Some parents' money is being wasted, and she should have better luck at her next teaching location, which hopefully will be a few rungs down from the Ivy League. Another multi-culti fraud exposed.

Read the students' comments to get a flavor of why this specimen of insanity is SUING her students.

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