Thursday, April 24, 2008

McGovern Wing Ready to Destroy Dems Again?

TNR dares to say that which should not even be whispered---will this Obama thing be '72 all over again? Here's John Judis:
Hillary Clinton won a decisive ten-round decision over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania's Democratic primary, but she didn't score a knockout. The struggle continues. Clinton still has virtually no chance of overtaking Obama's delegate lead or his edge in the popular vote. And the superdelegates will be loath to ignore this advantage. Meanwhile, Obama's weaknesses as a general election candidate grow more apparent with each successive primary.

Yes, as Rush would say, the "Democrat Party" is not Democratic, as the media & Dems try to hide the fact that two states have effectively been disenfranchised even though they voted---because Howard Dean is dumber than dirt!

Of course, The New Republic is nothing if not "Fair & Balanced," so Political Commissar Jonathan Chait immediately responds to John Judis's Judas-move [by mentioning the truth that dare not speak its name, i.e., Obama is a loo-zer & will give the WH to McCain] with the usual persiflage & rodomontades that the ultra-left reserves for those who utter the truth.

Stick a fork in Obama.

Pass it on. Maybe the whispering campaign will reach the super-doopercalifragilistic delegates that make that "Democrat Party" so undemocratic!

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