Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Liberal Fascist" Gene Discovered?

Israeli scientists may have discovered a gene which promotes selfish narcissistic behavior such as Al Gore and Bill Clinton exhibit on a regular basis. Other monomaniac madmen, such as Mobutu and Mugabe on the Dark Continent, Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, and dictator wannabes like HRClinton to give a female example also sully the human race with their total lack of self-knowledge.
It isn't clear how the length of AVPR1a affects vasopressin receptors: it is thought that rather than controlling the number of receptors, it may control where in the brain the receptors are distributed. Ebstein suggests the vasopressin receptors in the brains of people with short AVPR1a may be distributed in such a way to make them less likely to feel rewarded by the act of giving.

Though the mechanism is unclear, Ebstein says, he is fairly sure that selfish, greedy dictatorship has a genetic component. It would be easier to confirm this if history's infamous dictators conveniently had living identical twins, he says, so we could see if they were just as ruthless as each other.

And "feeling less rewarded by the act of giving" makes these maniacs grab, as Bill Clinton grabbed all the DNC money in 1996 in his vain quest to become a "majority president." Instead, this narcissistic obsessive compulsive remained a "plurality president," and the rest of the Dem Party was trounced in the House and Senate.

Gore's hilarious grab for $300 million in "Save the Planet" pseudo-scientific nonsense reflects the same inability to experience spiritual values. Given a different politico-social context, either of these has-been loo-zers could have been a Saddam or an Adolf or a Benito---but American democracy thwarted their solipsistic ambitions.

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Darwin said...

If you really think liberal politicians are more likely to carry the "ruthlessness" gene than the selfless gene, it's possible to find out. Genesis Biolabs is offering mail-in tests. You just have to convince the liberals to give you a DNA sample.