Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moyers "Dancing with the Stars" pas de deux with Rev Wrong---No Journalism Allowed on PBS!

Bill Moyers played a silly game of pattycake with The Unrevered Reverend Wrong last night as they both tried to avoid the nasty topic of the pastor's hate-filled, incendiary sermons accusing the CIA of plotting to spread AIDS among black youth & a lot of other spurious lies and black agitprop appropriate for a Robert Mugabe or Muammar Qaddafi [before MQ wilted under US pressure].

Moyers' journalistic credentials are nil, and only his long dialogue with Joseph Campbell two decades ago gives this PR flack for ultra-left fantasies any cred at all. He is a prime example of what the shrinks call "displacement" a psychological mind trick whereby libs take their hysterical temperament to other spots when their little cloud-cuckoo land is beset by too much reality.

"Displacement" is the psychological phenomenon which takes a situation that is simply too terrible to grasp by an observer, and switches the concern to a different topic. I.e., Islamic terrorism is simply too awful to contemplate for a whining Euro-weenie, and the spineless libtard instead switches his/her anxiety to a substitute, such as "Global Warming," a fact which is occurring, but may not be caused by humans.

Nevertheless, the chattering classes latch onto GW & dismiss Islamic terrorism, allowing them to divert their hysteria into "progressive" memes that fit into their world-view paradigm.

Dr. Sanity is a highly-acclaimed blogger/scientist with a degree in psychology who has extensively examined the various ruses leftists use on themselves to follow the Party Line as emitted by the Political Commissariat in the NYT/WaPo/LAT editorial board rooms as well as prominent Ivy specimens of academentia & bizarre "thinkers" & "writers" whose imagination overwhelms their critical faculties [Kurt Vonnegut Jr. comes to mind.]

When you see a double-digit IQ dude like Al Gore who got a "D+" in the only science course he took at Vanderbilt getting a "Nobel Peace Prize" for a book/movie on AGW, you know that an elaborate set of intellectual Potemkin villages line the road of the Progressive path to Liberal do-goodism.

And this way, no terrorists need be insulted as they continue to plot additional attacks on the USA & other Christian nations.

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