Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama Swift-Boated by His Pastor & Mentor?

Even the perpetually day-late, dollar-short fake conservative Andy Sullivan starts having second [actually in Andy's case, it's first] thoughts about the egregious "Pastor & Mentor" whose bigoted racist asides on Israel, the American flag, and the Marine Corps display breathtaking hatred of America and all this country stands for, that's when you know that Obama is being SWIFT-BOATED by an opportunistic showboat on steroids.

Kerry must be having a deju vu. Gore is saying to himself, "even I was never as careless as Obama to allow a raving ranting fool hijack my campaign."

Let's see, this elitist creme puff threw his grandmother under the bus, who raised him while his mother was out getting bigamatized again. He missed his mother's death because of a conflict in scheduling [he was running for office in Illinois] and praised his bigamist drunk wife-abusing con-man daddy in an entire book, after this manly Kenyan abandoned him at the age of two.

Now he appears to again be mesmerized by a con man who is virtually destroying his electability as president, uttering bland disclaimers when he should be throwing the Reverend Wrong under the same bus he threw his white grandmother, who dared to admit a fear of black crime being committed on her.

Wright is obviously a crackpot egomaniac. And that's a NICE interpretation of this lunatic.

Unless Obama can man up & repudiate this double-digit IQ [emotionally & morally] moron, he can kiss his presidential aspirations good-bye.

Question: How much are Hill & Bill paying this specimen of black racist hatred to spew bigotry against the Italians, Jews, and white people in general? I'd really like to know.

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