Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sarkozy & Berlosconi Disturb MSM Smug Leftists

The MSM isn't agog about France's pro-American President Sarkozy and the fussy old nanny-state advocate NYT has an article tut-tutting all Nicolas's mistakes in style & politics.

Now the newspaper which is arguably the most fuddy-duddy daily compilation of liberal la-di-da anywhere must deal with Italy's voting Berlusconi back into power, a disaster for the simplistic leftist kaleidoscopic chaos that the NYT advocates in Europe.

Remember, Europe is supposed to serve as an example for America's adoption of statist dirigiste big-government socialism as soon as the MSM boosts Barack Obama, son of a "Dreams of My Father" Kenyan proto-socialist, into the White House, where he can guide the US into Euro-weenie ninnyhood.

Wasn't the Italian right and French conservatism supposed to be consigned to the "dustbin of history?"
As a result, the ANSA news agency reported that the number of parties in the lower house of Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, would drop to just 6 from 26. For the first time since World War II, there will be no one in Parliament representing the Communist Party, which has long played an important part in leftist politics here. Mr. Veltroni, in fact, started his political career as a Communist.

Experts on the left and the right said — and in some cases lamented — that the election had shown a shift toward a more American- or British-style system of two dominant middle-ground parties.

“It’s a Waterloo,” said Tuesday’s headline in the moderate left daily Il Riformista.

Its editor, Antonio Polito, a departing senator from the now-defunct Margherita Party, said, “The left is disappearing for the first time in history.” Referring to Mr. Veltroni’s party, he added, “The only party that managed to save itself after two disastrous Prodi years is a party that is modeling itself after the Democratic or Labor Parties” in the United States and Britain, respectively.

Oh, the humanity!!!

Once again, Socialist Nirvana is postponed, and the NYT puts such bad news buried somewhere in the A-teens below the fold.

Looks like Lil Pinch has another historical paradox to explain away.

Ha ha ha! Go to it and bury the bad news. Maybe it will go away?

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