Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another NYT editorial for the ages

Just another NYT complete shambles of an editorial---does Gail Collins still have her claw hammer dirty-scalpel mindset implanted in the cylons churning out the amazing drivel below? Who can write this stuff except out-of-work comedians?:
Last July two recently paroled men broke into a home in Cheshire and tortured and murdered three people. Last month a man who served more than eight years for assaulting a 5-year-old — and had been out on probation for less than a month — broke into a New Britain home. He accosted two women, wounding one and killing the other.

Republicans, led by Ms. Rell, have responded by calling for a “three strikes” law. Democrats have rightly resisted. The proposed law, which would mandate life in prison for anyone convicted of three violent felonies, is a bumper-sticker solution that would create injustices by barring judges’ discretion in sentencing. It would also not deter the many crimes committed by people who have not committed three violent emphasis

Number one: So the serial misdemeanor crowd would not shrink from more petty crimes? What an argument!

Number two: There are a bunch of judges in New England infected with a mental illness called "non-retaliatory justice" or some such cloud-cuckoo hooey that strains the gnat while ignoring the toxic waste dump of chronic criminal behavior by what hermaphrodite Al Gore would call "extra-Y chromosome" male predators.

Number three: Why do the scribblers in the NYT editorial mosh pit consistently support and defend criminal behavior and castigate law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who go to Church & work hard to make the US a better place?

Do these scribblers actually hate law and order, or is it just a case of psychological "displacement" which masks their hatred of the USA and civilized behavior in general?

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