Saturday, April 19, 2008

Redstate has this comment of mine appended to a Ron Paul libertarian converted to reality:
The MSM and ultra-leftists are totally in the tank for the Obamanable Showman. Au contraire to Obama's scorn for "bitter" Dems who may have lost their jobs---Hillary is scornful of rich elitists who comprise MoveOn's leadership. Yet the ultra-left now is promoting the complete distortion that Hillary scorns the little guy. Her reputed remark thirteen years ago at Camp David in a closed session is supposed to "mirror" or "negate" Obamaman's remarks to an elite group of RICH fundraisers in SF a FEW WEEKS ago.

To ask its audience to believe this, as Kos & Politico are doing, is either stupid or completely dishonest.

Indeed, the "poll" by Newsweak, another MSM major in the tank for Obama, contradicts the much more recent and honest poll by Gallup which shows Hillary closing nationally on Obama.

Rush's "Operation Chaos" or the old Dem circular firing squad is at work. McCain should look again at that Quinnipiac poll that has him & Condi destroying Obama/Clinton in NY, NJ, and New England.

John-boy is too old and stubborn, but he should consider pulling that rabbit out of his hat.

Yes, I'm quoting myself, but I just don't want the White House taken over by cylons and their allies. No more Ruth Bader Ginzbergs on the SCOTUS!

Never again, or at least not in the next four years.

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