Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carter Visit to Damascus Bolsters Hamas Terrorism

Jimmy Carter actually offered to act as an intermediary between Israel & Hamas in his ceaseless quest to become relevant---at best his meddlesome intrusiveness deserves Israeli disdain. Which it is showing him in generous portions.

At worst, offering to be an "intermediary" after having insulted Israel with baseless accusations demonstrates this has-been's complete silliness and his ridiculous drive to insert himself as though anyone were paying attention in order once again to ingratiate himself with Iran, Syria, and other terrorist organizations like Hamas & Hezbollah.

This presumptuous little failed peanut farmer [he actually went into some sort of Chapter 7 or 11, but was quietly bailed out by liberal interests not wanting him to appear to be a complete fool, a daunting task indeed] never has forgiven the smackdown he believes AIPAC administered to his re-election in 1980 by inducing Fat Teddy Kennedy to run on his left and John Anderson on his centrist right. Effectively this pincered the little fellow out of the election, which Reagan won going away.

AIPAC, if guilty, presumably didn't want this meddlesome busybody inflicting himself on Israeli national interests for four more years with his incompetent State Dept desk-level preoccupation with details that much more competent professionals should have taken care of. Like his attention to who was using the WH tennis courts, this little obsessive/compulsive simply can't let well enough alone.

One of his aides finally had enough and uttered in frustration with his bosses' granny-nanny impulses "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Nevertheless this proven incompetent continues to attempt to fix a situation that he believes can be solved by endlessly splitting things down the middle---despite the fact that one party refuses to recognize the other party's right to exist! But of course, that doesn't bother this social engineer who believes that with enough tinkering, he can manage to cut and paste a jerry-built peace accord.

However, there is only one little problem. This ex-chief-of-state no longer commands respect nor does he even do much more than make himself into a spectacle of celebritard dotage.

Which doesn't bother terrorists like Hamas or Hezbollah, who manipulate him like a ventriloquist speaks for a wooden-headed dummy.

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