Saturday, April 12, 2008

Steyn says Hicks Nix Clique's Schticks

Mark Steyn has a great take on the Firestorm over Obama's remarks that neither Pravda on the Hudson nor Izvestia on the Potomac deem worthy of publication. They wonder why their indoctrination-broadsheets are swirling downward into the porcelain memory-hole.

The whole brouhaha reminds me of Berthold Brecht's famous remark after the '53 Berlin riots when East Germans were admonished by the German Democrat Republic [an oxymoron] that the people were not worthy of Communism. Brecht said "Perhaps the GDR should select a new people."

The "fly-over" traditional values folks are not worthy of Barack's loathsome patronage, so maybe he should chose a new country in which he can become politically active.

Like Kenya or Indonesia. Maybe Michelle wouldn't be ashamed of those two countries!!! Heeeeere's Marky:

I'm about done with Obama over this mill-closures-drive-small-town-losers-to-guns-and-God business. If you're running as a glamorous blank slate on which people project their own utopian fantasies, you've got to be very careful not to give the game away - especially when the game turns out to be the usual cliched elite disdain for the great unwashed. I mention in the current issue of NR how odd it is that Michelle Obama is in many ways more condescending on the stump than Teresa Heinz Kerry. Now her husband's at it, too. As Ed Driscoll says:

Leave it to Obama to make John Kerry's Brahmin hauteur seem earnestly goofy in retrospect.

Quite. I had a ton of fun covering Kerry's awkwardness with Americans but, in fairness, it was essentially a consumerist snobbery: he preferred the Newburgh Yacht Club for lunch over the local Wendy's, he'd rather be windsurfing off Nantucket than rednecking at Nascar, etc. Obama's snobbery seems more culturally profound, and unlike Kerry he can't plead the crippling disadvantage of a priviliged childhood. Rather, Barack's condescension reveals a man out of touch with the rhythms of American life to a degree that's hard to fathom. As Michelle says, they "chose" to "leave corporate America", and Barack became a "community organizer" and she wound up a 350-grand-a-year "diversity outreach coordinator". I've no idea what either of those careers involve, and most of us seem able to get along without them. But their remoteness from the American mainstream perhaps explains why the Obamas seem to have no clue how Americans live their lives.

Once again, the forces of good are beginning to triumph over urban elitist Marxist tropes.

UPDATE Obama was obviously pandering to the Left Coast ultra-libs when he dropped his real feelings onto the table---never thinking, like George Allen with his macaca moment, that Barry [oops, Barack's] honest sentiments about Reagan democrats would get YouTube status.

He is an urban elitist who feels comfortable with Bill Ayers & a scam-artist like "Rev" Wright---both different elements of the hate America [read "fly-over country"] wing of the Democrat Party.

The two Left Coasts simply can't abide the talk radio listening hordes between NYC & LA. The absurdly-named "Fairness Doctrine" will be front-and-center on the Democrat agenda as they try to stifle free speech in the name of "Fairness."

Like they did for forty years before the FOX networks blew the nanny-state broadcast big-three to the rear of the pack.

Obama's entitlement wife Michelle reflects this arrogant attitude, with her fake job as a "community outreach coordinator" at $350K/annum. This Omarosa-lite hater didn't think a Princeton undergrad & Harvard Law freebie education were enuf---she's obviously one of those bottomless pits of needful self-righteous "I want more" types I met in Europe during my sojourn in France in the '70s.

They both reflect third-world beggar-thy-neighbor attitudes rather than real American traditions & values. Electing Obama would be a catastrophe---although he might feign just wanting to be liked, his Dem minders would push him into absurd leftist policies.

Let's elect an American for president, not a multculti con man with a racist-hater spouse.

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