Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Webtards: 11 Ways The Internet Can Kill You

Gawker [h/t Althouse] has the ultimate 4:30 AM tickler---how the Internet can rob, cheat, abuse, and even kill you---some self-destructive urges are required.
Colossal stupidity also helps.

Remember, Chelsea Clinton's boyfriend is the son of Cong. Medvinsky, who is now serving time for stealing money to participate in a Nigerian scam involving turning black-coated money into real money using a chemical process. This Former Congressman is married to a Former Congresswoman---I wonder what Chelsea sees in his son?

But almost on a level with Scientology dupes who pay $360K to reach the highest levels of Operating Thetan, it's those sad souls who achingly aspire to higher levels of celebritard consciousness who usually use the internet to kill themselves---the druggies and the webcam junkies.

Oops, the cat just jumped in my window onto the keyboard. Guess my time is up. Dumpling rules. [Dumpling is our 20 pound extremely athletic Maine Coon who is the alpha animal among our four pets---three cats and a dog.] Unfortunately both the female Bichon Frise and the female unspayed Persian are currently in heat, so the neutered super-dude has to watch curiously as his two beta, gamma companions engage in intra-gender, cross-species foreplay. No wonder he jumps on the keyboard!

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