Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pope, Cats & Myself

Catholics seem to like cats, as I recall in my youth living near a convent where cats roamed freely. [Actually it was a School Sisters of Notre Dame Motherhouse with many acres of roaming room.]

Our household is ruled by three cats and one dog. Dumpling, a twenty-pound Maine Coon, is the alpha animal and Brie, a Bichon Frise is the Beta animal, a female dog who follows Dumpling around & wishes to engage in inter-species sex, which the neutered Dumpling cannot engage in. So Brie now engages in a Sapphic duo with little Sacha, a non-spayed Persian, so we have same-sex inter-species intercourse attempted by these two. Chloe, Dumpling's mother, looks down on all this with aloof aplomb---she had seven kittens before being spayed several years ago. Her kittens, from three different daddies, were so cute and gorgeous that we SOLD five of them---that's how pretty Chloe is.

So when the Pope says he's crazy about cats, this household sympathizes, though I don't know how the theology of same-sex inter-species coupling would square with God's Plan for Creation.

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