Monday, April 21, 2008

Get a Load of this, This is Rich

The nice thing about Frank Rich is that he, a failed play reviewer, and his fellow NYT Op-Ed podner, Paul Krugboy, are perfect fools. You can pretty much take what both of them say, negate it, and come out with a pretty close approximation of what is really happening.

In this case, he's two days late and many dollars short. He has fallen for the Obamanable Showman hard, and thinks Hillary knocking back a boilermaker is a big no-no, because of something the Bush Administration did.

The NYT is hemorrhaging readers and its stock price is plummeting and Pinch Sulzberger stocks his Op-Ed pages with clowns who are failed play-reviewers [Rich was no Brooks Atkinson] and economists [Krugboy couldn't shine Milton Friedman's shoes.]

Oh well, by 2010, the daily newspaper will be close to closing time, and the economics of wrong-headed opinionators will have contributed to the downfall of the Sulzberger family jewels. But Pinch on his Harley will lead the pack out of town---it'll be a bummer.

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