Friday, April 18, 2008

Pravda-on-the-Hudson Continues to Hemorrhage Money as Stock Plummets

Pinch Sulzberger's conversion of his family newspaper into a propaganda broadsheet for left-wing causes is only one reason for the decline and fall of the NYT---other newspapers are experiencing the same problems.

However, interestingly, the Wall Street Journal & FoxNEWS & the Fox broadcast networks, all associated with traditional values, continue to thrive and prosper, while their leftist counterparts plunge in circulation and value.

Everyone admits that an industry-wide loss of ad revenue has hurt the daily newspaper publishing business, but would Greg Mitchell, the ultra-left hack who puts out Editor & Publisher ever admit to such a glaringly obvious fact that conservative papers don't seem to be nearly as hard-hit as their liberal/leftist counterparts?

That would be honest journalism, and the Editor & Publisher doesn't engage in such traditional practices.

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