Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Operation Chaos---Full Throttle Ahead For the Sin That Cannot be Mentioned, At Least on NBC

MSNBC is serving, in its after-the-catastrophe coverage of Obama's decline-and-fall in PA, as a sort of scripted ultra-lib cheat-sheet. Keith Odorboy's constant references to an NYT editorial and Chris Matthews still laboring under the delusion that Hillary was "only" getting an 8% edge over the Obamanable Showman---whose waffle woes the ever-irreverent irrepressible href="">MoDo notes as another brick in the wall ["We don't need no education riff"] of Obama's angst. She chronicles better than Jon Stewart can how this cafe-au-lait Marathon Man hits the wall of pain.

Reality is not the strong point of adenoidal stentorian-toned Brian Williams, who dismisses Hillary's strong comeback with his normal sophomoric NYT-editorial-page fatuous twaddle. That's why Charlie Gibson gets a million more viewers every night, Brian. They want to hear from grown-ups. Matthews is so far over-the-hill, he should be put out to pasture.

As Hillary outpaced the exit polls two-to-one and the Bradley Effect which Fox had already built into its model slowly made the MSNBC cloud-cuckoo morons look like clucking fools, Keith Odorboy kept badgering Tom Brokaw & the feckless Tim Russert to make positive statements about Obama---the fact that NBC is TOTALLY IN THE TANK for the Operating Thetan III that is Obama becomes not only obvious, but the constant quotes from the NYT make these talking-head brainiacs sound like an echo chamber. They sure can't riff off of Tom Shales, or any other Wash Compost lib---they seem to have truly gone over the top for Obama, slave of Xenu or perhaps a new edition of cylon from Kenya/Hawaii/Indonesia/LA/Chicago. In any event, I'm waiting for South Park to give the definitive definition of this tortured young man who may have to wait a bit longer in the Senate Cloakroom before he breaks the ivory ceiling.

Brokaw relieves the monotony by bringing up an interesting analogy when he recalls the Kansas City Convention of '76 where Reagan was just edged out by a luckless feckless Gerry Ford, who was ignored by the Convention along with his VP pick Bob Dole while Ronald got thunderous cheers and a standing ovation---Brokaw pointed out that Hillary may want to do to Obama what Reagan did to Ford, who managed to free Poland from the Soviet Union in one debate. Gerry had played too much football without a helmet. And Obama might have thought that he was playing in the NBA, whereas this turns out to be a five-set match at Wimbleton that could go on without tiebreakers.

But I digress. Rush Limbaugh must be ROTFLHAO with the AP lede below:
After a six-week lull since the last Democratic primary, Pennsylvania voters were so eager to participate in the hotly contested battle between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama that one in 10 changed their party registration since the start of 2008 so they could vote Tuesday. The contest was open only to registered Democrats. About half the party-switchers had been registered Republicans, while the rest had been unaffiliated with either party.


Comintern rules prevent NBC from mentioning the Sin That Hath No Name, namely OPERATION CHAOS!

So the dull party functionary Nomenklatura of apparatchiki which comprises the "Murderers' Row-wannabees" at NBC cannot note that Hillary may have only won by a piddling single-digit margin had not Rush's legions switched party affiliations and voted for Hillary, just to keep the fat in the fire and the chattering classes bemoaning the racism of "the masses." MSNBC is hobbled by the constrictions of its PC ideology which has morphed into "no fault for Obama." And no mention of Rush-bo.

But Hillary has successfully morphed into the Middle Class-hero candidate with PA roots and a dad who played football at Penn State [well, not really, as Carl Bernstein pointed out in his excellent bio of HRC]

Obama has the lumpenprole victim-screamer-City of Brotherly Murder vote that doesn't work, pay taxes, or do much of anything except participate in the old academicide academentia truism: "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." Or car-jack & knock over 7-11s.

but BO continues to have the editorial board of the NYT, accompanied by the MSNBC boys-in-the-band backup music.

And finally, the only person with balls on the NYT Op-Ed page gets game-set-match with her exquisite smackdown as href="">Jonathan Swift reincarnation Maureen Dowd waxes malevolent:
The very fact that he can’t shake her off has become her best argument against him. “Why can’t he close the deal?” Hillary taunted at a polling place on Tuesday.

She’s been running ads about it, suggesting he doesn’t have “what it takes” to run the country. Her message is unapologetically emasculating: If he does not have the gumption to put me in my place, when superdelegates are deserting me, money is drying up, he’s outspending me 2-to-1 on TV ads, my husband’s going crackers and party leaders are sick of me, how can he be trusted to totally obliterate Iran and stop Osama?

She goes on to carpet-bomb Howard Dean, Bill Clinton, Obama again, and ends up with a feigned sayonara-bye-bye to Hillary, just to keep King Kong Keller & Odorboy-hero Pinch from upchucking in public. First she girlie-man disses Obama as the ultimate Oreo:
Is he skittish around her because he knows that she detests him and he’s used to charming everyone? Or does he feel guilty that he cut in line ahead of her? As the husband of Michelle, does he know better than to defy the will of a strong woman? Or is he simply scared of Hillary because she’s scary?

He is frantic to get away from her because he can’t keep carbo-loading to relate to the common people.

In the final days in Pennsylvania, he dutifully logged time at diners and force-fed himself waffles, pancakes, sausage and a Philly cheese steak. He split the pancakes with Michelle, left some of the waffle and sausage behind, and gave away the French fries that came with the cheese steak.

But this is clearly a man who can’t wait to get back to his organic scrambled egg whites. That was made plain with his cri de coeur at the Glider Diner in Scranton when a reporter asked him about Jimmy Carter and Hamas.

“Why” he pleaded, sounding a bit, dare we say, bitter, “can’t I just eat my waffle?”

His subtext was obvious: Why can’t I just be president? Why do I have to keep eating these gooey waffles and answering these gotcha questions and debating this gonzo woman?

The shots at Bill Clinton waving a "Brobdingnagian finger" and Howard Dean "like Micronesia telling Russia to denuke" are worth the price of admission to MoDo's one-finger-disses-all style. She has to end on some sort of wishful sayonara to HRC to fit in with the Op-Ed Adam Nagourney girlie-man crowd who hates strong women, so she does it in a derisive rhyme that disses her bosses more than it says anything about Hillary:
Before they devour themselves once more, perhaps the Democrats will take a cue from Dr. Seuss’s “Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!” (The writer once mischievously redid it for his friend Art Buchwald as “Richard M. Nixon Will You Please Go Now!”) They could sing:

“The time has come. The time has come. The time is now. Just go. ... I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow. Hillary R. Clinton, will you please go now! You can go on skates. You can go on skis. ... You can go in an old blue shoe.

Just go, go, GO!”

But the Grand Prize still goes to Rush, who will never be invited to Dancing with the Stars, but has thrown the ultimate iron bar into the Democrats' House of Cards.

Operation Chaos proceeds on schedule.

McCain waits on the bench for the handoff when the game turns into tackle football.

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