Sunday, April 06, 2008

Cuban Crime-State Fined $253 Million

The kleptocracy/narcocratic state of Cuba has been fined again for crimes against humanity---this time for a murder in prison of one of the Chief Criminal's original American supporters.

Oh, BTW, in Cuba's new regime run by Raul, it is rumored that golf courses will reopen. All of Cuba's courses were closed by the Bearded Clown after he lost a match to Che Guevara in the very-early sixties and it became public knowledge. Criminal-in-Chief doesn't like to lose---though his life is a loss for many otherwise innocent people---and he shut down all the courses in a fit of pique---which of course became a crusade against "capitalist decadence."

Turns out Commies don't like a game where personal honor and non-cheating are the prevailing ethos.

Oh, and the Sun-Sentinel reports that toasters will be available in the people's paradise beginning in 2010, but you'd better sign up now or your place in the queue may keep you waiting until 2015! On a monthly salary of $50/average, a toaster will take up most of a month's wages.

Maybe Michael Moore should go there for liposuction and tell us of the wonders of Cuban medicine a second time---could be an Oscar waiting for him!

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