Friday, April 18, 2008

Ayers Connection Raises Questions about Obama, but HRClinton Also Has Terrorist Skeletons

Back before I was asked to join the State Dept in '69, I had a short informal SDS phase during which I had Columbia U. firebrand Mark Rudd as a houseguest in my Ann Arbor digs [he stole some of my ganga and smoked the rest] and met Bill Ayers and his then-girl friend Diana Oughton, who subsequently blew herself up in a Greenwich Village bomb-making misstep. Oughton was gorgeous, Ayers was as ugly outside as he is within. An egomaniac with a rich daddy.

Obama visited Ayers and his colleague-in-crime Bernardine Dohrn back in the mid-90s when he was being vetted for an Illinois state Senate seat by the Presidium/Politburo of Hyde Park in South Side Chicago's hotbed of political crime. At least that's what Hillary would like to make it look like. Obama's consequent associations with Ayers on the board of a subversive group called the Woods Foundation until 2002 and a campaign contribution for Obama's re-election to the state Senate also blot the Senator's copybook. And of course, Obama continues to get support from prominent Euro-Communist George Soros who made millions shorting the English pound and is now shorting the US dollar in his mult-pronged offensive designed to weaken & perhaps destroy the USA. A project the Democrat Party appears to participate in.

But with the Democrats, of course, perfidy and near-treason is never simply the possession of one candidate. Hillary Clinton's egregious spouse pardoned some weatherpeople in his final frenzy of corrupt treason Jan. 19, 2000. Susan Rosenberg & Linda Sue Evans were released although both had participated in plots to inflict violence [Rosenberg actually helped a robbery in which a cop was killed]. Both now have cushy jobs in the academicide/academentia sector.

Ond once again, Bill Clinton helps negate an advantage Hillary may have had on Obama by his corrupt & ridiculous abuse of presidential powers. One of the strongest arguments against an HRC presidency would be, in Mitt Romney's famous put-down, having Bill Clinton roaming the White House with nothing to do!

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