Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ayers & Boudin & Dohrn are Criminals with Tenure

When Al Gore got a Nobel for his latest collection of tendentious hooey, I knew something was wrong with the Euro-weenie Snobama-lovin' hypocrites [though being Norwegians, the Peace Prize Committee does work with a handicap].

Now I see that a convicted criminal named Boudin got a Rhodes Scholarship in 2002. Wonder if Billy Jeff, who pardoned two Weathergirls, was on the Rhodes committee and, if so, what he would do during the interview? I do.

I wonder what "perfesser" Ayers policy is on school vouchers.

Isn't Ayers just an unsuccessful version of Timothy McVeigh? Doesn't he deserve the same end-game as TV?

The link to the Washington Compost above has the full "exoneration," as Billy Bubba would put it, of Ayers. Including Dick Daley's blow-kiss to the ultra-left rads in Hyde Park who keep his machine oiled and running.

I saw the movie "Expelled" last night & recommend it for a searing indictment of "higher education," AKA indoctrination, in America.

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