Friday, April 18, 2008

MSNBC Becoming MSLSD Under Zucker Prodding

Jack Welch left GE & his feckless, barely competent successor, a suit named Immelt, has allowed GE's network NBC & its cable news operation [which Rush calls PMSNBC] to veer sharply leftward under an ideologue named Zucker. This clown/lightweight matches Les Moonves in sheer zaniness in his news choices and the effects are starting to appear in on-air incidents.

A lesbian swamp-thing appearing to be a younger version of Janet Reno got into a Randi Rhodes [without the obscenities] rant on a new show by David Gregory & Joe Scarborough unmiked himself and walked off the set. Scarborough is a bit testy & goofy by nature, but the swamp-thing Maddow is straight out of Ripley's Believe It or Not. Zucker appears to be pushing the edge of the envelope to see just how ridiculous and condescending his newsies can get as their watchers dwindle. Keith Odorboy is another example, but a dude named Abrams also disgraces himself with lawyerly leftism between the rat poison bookends nightly dispensed by Odorboy. [Or "Overbite," as I've heard this schizophrenic asthenic called]

Or a perhaps a gangly ectomorph using another morphological system. Both asthenics and ectomorphs are prey to various forms of mental illness & OberHauptMann certainly seems to suffer from megalo-somethingorother. There's no cure for Maddow but to put her in the same pasture as Randi Rhodes and other ruminants.

In the meantime, the Peacock Network appears to be racing the Tiffany Network into well-deserved oblivion. And Charlie Gibson's ABC Evening News will probably get a boost for daring [along with George Stephanopoulos] to question the Obamaverse propagated by the likes of Tiffany/Peacock cylons.

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