Monday, April 28, 2008

Tokyo Cat Cafes Proliferate

Dumpling is my 20-pound Maine Coon who sychronistically jumped on my keyboard as I prepared to write this little piece. When this happened during a recent call to Apple Diagnostics, the fellow in Sacramento told me that they employ the resident cubicle cats for making passwords by placing them on the keyboard!!

If you're not allergic to dander, cats are the cleanest & most pleasant and relaxing animals to cohabit with, and many medical studies claim that a friendly cats' presence will prolong your life by years. US prisons often allow cats to live with inmates as it calms down the bad-vibe atmosphere in the penal facility.

And then there's that Maine Coon in Rhode Island who comes to sit by the bedside of hospital patients about to shuffle off their mortal coils. The patients often have no symptoms of near-death ailments, but in walks the big feline fellow & a couple days later, their Maker is met!

Now for every cat lover, there is a cat hater. Egyptians probably domesticated the Wild African Cat or the caracalla [sp?], a wild cat in Saudi Arabia that interbreeds with domestics---these cats resemble larger versions of Abyssinians.

Our household has three cats & one Bichon Frise, a downsized sheepdog who herds her fellow residents inside when they manage to get their prowling mode in gear after dark. Huge nasty Blue Jays keep them indoors during the day.

Dumpling's size makes him the non-human alpha animal---wish I had him in iPhoto. Brie the Bichon is beta animal, Sacha is gamma [Brie & Sacha are both females in heat & partake of Sapphic revelry in inter-species, intra-gender sexual activity. This will go on YouTube once I get my new iMac under control!

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