Monday, April 28, 2008

Austrian Incest Case Part of a Pattern

While in Paris recently, I had a long talk in a bar with an Austrian Prof at the nearby Sorbonne and after a half-dozen Belgian beers on tap, he confided in me that the Austrians have the highest incest rate in Europe. He cited Hitler's ancestry riddled with a few papal permissions for his father to marry his cousin, grandfather to do same, etc.

Freud famously came to the idea of the "Oedipus Complex" after many patients recounted stories of incest---his granddaughter in London has still not authorized the release of his clinical papers---one of the reasons may be the incest level in staid fin-de-siecle Vienna was so high that scandal would have ensued had they been published early on. Even today, the granddaughter refuses to let go, like the beginning of the movie Young Frankenstein!

This latest story follows the kidnapping of a young woman by a Viennese fellow for several years.----what's the name of the famous novel by John Fowkes about The Collector?

This seventy-something perv in Amstetten was living out a lot of teen's perv fantasies.

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