Friday, April 25, 2008

Wright Digs Hole Deeper In Face-off with Moyers & Did Bernardine Dohrn Mentor Michelle Obama at Sidley Austin?

Unrevered Wright will probably end up demolishing any chance Obama may have in the general election. Instead of apologizing or at least retracting his vicious anti-American "sermons," he tells patty-cake interviewer Moyers that showing his insane rants is "unfair" and "devious." I guess you have to put "God Damn America into a certain Wright context, because he says that people who criticize his inflammatory, hate-filled foul-mouthed pulpit-puke "know nothing about his church."

Obama must realize that every time this ultra-left wing "preacher" appears trying to justify his clinically insane rants, perhaps a quarter-million potential votes evaporate. Does anyone doubt that the RNC is secretly amassing a whole library of this unbalanced nutjobs Sunday exhalations and scrutinizing them for the top 100 certified whack-job incendiary "homilies."

This impostor is no more a Christian than Adolf Hitler was when he was spewing hate from his own version of a pulpit at the Nuremburg rallies or the Reichstag.

Meanwhile, various observers in the USA and overseas have begun to come out of the woodwork and are now beginning to wonder if Obama will be able to overcome the various stumbles the PA primary exposed.

Of course, the ultra-left believes that a candidate like Obama whose continuing friendship with an odious unrepentant terrorist like Bill Ayers and his condescending remarks about hunters and Christians and workers whose jobs are threatened by "people who look different," i.e., illegal immigrants, is a splendid spokesman for the Democrats and will sweep the country in November with the grandeur of his ideas and the daring of his proposals for "change."

Even his wife Michelle is beginning to look like Omarosa lite and one blogger asks a very interesting question about Bernardine Dohrn possibly mentoring Michelle at Sidley Austin in Chicago, where Dohrn worked [her felony conviction meant she couldn't pass the Illinois bar exam] while Michelle was an intern & later taken on board when she graduated from Harvard Law. She in turn mentored Obama in '89 & they eventually married.

The MSM will never answer the question about Dohrn & Michelle [Robinson] Obama intersecting at Sidley Austin. It would be nice if Republicans had investigative reporters.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

Good post, thanks for the link. Republicans do need investigative reporters.

dave in boca said...

I posted a shorter version at Redstate. One perceptive commenter noted that we should save this nugget for the general election, as the armory of anti-Obama artillery should not all be expended in the primaries.