Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Limp-Wristed Striped-Pants Cookie Pushers at State versus N. Korea

Christopher Hill has hit a new bottom in diplomatic spineless silver-lining in a thunderstorm. The Wall Street Journal sums it up neatly in a nutshell:
A Financial Times report quotes an anonymous U.S. official, almost certainly Mr. Hill, as saying a "full admission" isn't necessary. "This is a regime that is incapable of certain things, and it is incapable of doing that." This is diplomacy as psychotherapy. In other words, the U.S. will give a pass to Pyongyang for lying about Syria and uranium while assuming that the North is now telling us the truth about its plutonium stockpile. This turns Ronald Reagan's slogan on its head: Trust but don't verify.

Japan & S. Korea are unhappy with the GWB smiley-face diplomacy put forward by chicken-squat "diplomats," but who cares about the two faithful neighbors of a Communist nutjob with nukes?

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