Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tubby Hugo's Side-Splitting Stupidity

CNN has a red-headed bimbo named Heidi something that appears to lap up Chavez like Alpo [this illiterate is paired with a semi-literate Affirmative Action type who actually has a semi-clue about what's going on in the UN.

The double-digit IQ crowd that loves the cacique's clowning at the rostrum won't realize that he is disgracing his Southern Hemisphere Latino fellows with such appalling hyperbole. They're too dumb to figure that out.

As is the patrician secularist MSM juggernauts who are torn between their hatred of Bush and the imbecility of this five-foot paragon of chubby loud-mouth populism. Of course, the NYT will try to put a good face on the antics of Chavez and the lying of Ahmadildojihad, who claims the UN approves of and can inspect his nuke facilities.

Unfortunately, the low-IQ third-world and non-aligned with oil countries are all too happy to bark at the heels of their spiritual, cultural, and material masters. The trahison des clercs has to stop bolstering these Hitler mini-me's. If their capability to make war and terror mischief equaled their hatred [fueled by their sense of inferiority and powerlessness], we would be in trouble today.

The Press Lords at the NYT and MSM pilot fish encourage these tirades. But do they notice that excessive Bush-bashing by idiots like the twin midgets makes their own anti-Bush agenda less palatable to educated voters?

If the GOP can seize on the implicit support the MSM gives the whack-job undemocratically elected dictators of the third world, and convert this into voters deciding that there may be a real threat out there after all [duh!], the '06 elections might go the GOP way again.

Because there is a real threat out there, and it isn't there just because of Bush and Iraq.

It's there because the US is indisputably numero uno and the dogs nipping at its heels know they will be praised by the NYT & its pilot fish for doing so.

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