Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nun Murdered and Turks Revolting

The obsequious sycophantic Clinton-like self-abnegation of the guilt-ridden academic, celebrity, and political liberals is taken to task by Rick Moran in an excellent overall deconstruction of the huge brouhaha over the Pope's remarks in an academic setting. The libs claim that they must deal with the Islamic "moderates":
Unfortunately, the "moderates" know exactly which buttons to push in order to increase their status as victims in the eyes of guilt-ridden western liberals while feeding their anti-religious bias against the Pope. Comparing Benedict to Mussolini and Hitler is about as absurd as it gets and yet, the charge resonates with many on the European left who see the conservative Pontiff and the papacy in general as holdovers from a time when religious wars racked the continent

The European left is riddled with degenerates wanting nothing more than the destruction of the Papacy and the downfall of all vestiges of Christianity. Of course, these uprooted restless cosmopolitans have absolutely nothing to replace organized religion with, although that doesn't stop these reckless social engineers from trying to construct a civic discourse which will hold Europe together.

There isn't enough glue on the planet to make that papiere mache hang together.

And by the time they get it all glued up tight, Eurabia will have begun its demands that the EU join the Ummah.

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