Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ted Turner: Still Stuck on Stupid

Serial chronic drunk Ted Turner ten years ago made a never-fulfilled pledge to give a billion simollians to the UN. Like his life in general, his net worth has plummeted in a never-ending downward spiral until today, he has been kicked off boards of companies he founded. Alcohol has something to do with it, but perhaps his small brain and huge mouth have much much more.

Famously, this creepy personification of the dumber side of redneck crackerdom said ten years ago that he would "crush Murdoch like a bug." A decade later, FOX NEWS has about double the viewership of his faltering cable news empire, which in any case has been wrested from his incompetent control. How to justify imbecilities like the following?
Often contrarian, Turner called it a "joke" that Bush demanded that Iran abandon any ambitions for nuclear weapons while at the same time hoping to ban all such bombs.
"They're a sovereign state," Turner said of Iran. "We have 28,000. Why can't they have 10? We don't say anything about Israel -- they've got 100 of them approximately -- or India or Pakistan or Russia.

The joke, of course, is on this terminal fool whose wealth has diminished almost as much as his brainpower. Even sycophantic Reuters, which is almost as foolish as Turner himself, can't put enough lipstick on the Turner pig to make him/it pretty.

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