Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scion of the NYTimes Scared of Rich, Krugman?

Frank Rich has become one of those journalists carrying around a sandwich-board saying "I mean well and am PC, so don't quibble with my problems with facts and interpretations."

Slate takes this serial chronic confabulator behind the woodshed as Frankie Boy, whose metier is really being a Broadway critic, again stepped out off a drop-off into waters way over his head. And the po'-boy can't swim.

It's complicated and you have to read the article linked above, but suffice it to say that Rich again proved his instincts are completely off-base, wrong, and over the top when it comes to anything happening outside his cocooned bubble-boy world in the Upper West Side.

Krugman, a bogus economist as inaccurate and biased as the inaccurate and biased bogus political commentator Rich, has been totally wrong on the economy for the last six years, predicting a recession or worse several times with a batting average of .000. Of course, in the private sector, such a performance would quickly lead to abrupt reassignment at best and being shown the door at worst.

So why do Krugman and Rich continue to spread fallacies, inaccuracies, outright lies and ultra-left gibberish several times a week in the New York Times?

First of all, the old Grey Lady just ain't what she used to be. Today the NYT sold its TV stations to "gain focus" on its core industries! But overall mismanagement is only part of the problem, lying at the feet of the Scion of the Times, Pinch Harleyberger.

But I believe that Pinch and his designated hitter Bill Keller [not like the famous Yankee third-baseman King Kong Charlie]and Gail Collins from Marquette Journalism School [No Dwayne Wade in her chosen field] are all slacking off concerning the editorial and Op-Ed departments---indeed, the editorials are now migrating right onto the front page, where story selection vies with factitious reporting to impose a tendentious far-left view most of the time.
Keller and Collins are deferring to the Scion's well-known cultural revolution bias, while Pinch himself is busy deconstructing the family patrimony with questionable management.

Mickey Kaus has been right on target with frequent allusions to the plummeting stock price of NYT shares.

Slate is part of the WaPo/Newsweak schizoid political culture, but has the surprise factor in that it is not so utterly predictable as the pabulum generated daily by the NYT reporters.

About the only thing going for the NYT is its disregard for American national security, which makes it a must read for terrorists and their financial contributors.

Still waiting for some sort of apology from Keller/Collins for the 50-plus Plamegate articles which they pushed forward on a daily basis for a while. Now that they are totally discredited, not a syllable of accountability.

And of course, Air America benefited from dozens of NYT articles plumping their specious drivel. But when a financial scandal came along, the NYT was strangely silent. Now that AA is going into bankruptcy rehab, think the "newspaper of record" will bother to mention the fact?

The Old Grey Liberal Death Star: Often wrong, but never in doubt.

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