Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wash Post Twin Liars: Balz and Broder

The GOP has narrowed the gap between themselves and Dems from 14% to 6% in the last two weeks. The headline: Dems likely to take House and Senate.

Can you imagine the headline if it were the other way around? DEMS POISED TO TAKE OVER HOUSE AND SENATE, AS THEY NARROW GAP!

The mainstream media in the USA is bigoted, biased and in the tank for the statist Eurotepian-style big-government socialism that the family-hating, military-hating Democrats want to impose on the Republican job-holders and tax-payers.

That about sums it up. The crime-loving, baby-killing, illegal immigrant-enabling trial-lawyer leftists will owe this election victory to the Mainstream Media, if the election goes to the Dems. Another step downward on the decline of the West.

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