Sunday, November 05, 2006

GOP Close In With "Likely Voters"

The Republicans are blessed with having mature responsible hard-working adults as the majority of their base of support, as opposed to the trendy, fashionable grasshopper/locust Democrats. The Republicans are the sensible types who pay their taxes and stay out of trouble, and do not go to trial lawyers whenever they perceive a real or imagined injury to their mental well-being.

As a result, Republicans turn out to vote in a disciplined fashion, motivated by a sense of responsibiltiy. The Dems are motivated often by perceived injustices or sheer hatred---witness the crazed fever-swamp bloggers and shrill gender-based whack-jobs often shrieking far-out theories of persecution and psychological duress, often feverish projections of their own fermented minds.

So hopefully, the Pew and WaPo polls showing a significant narrowing of the gap show more than just a reaction to the inane imbecility of John Kerry last week---old news to those citizens of Massachusetts who still have to be represented in the Senate by a lecher and a fool.

And, as the Dems begin to choke, they already have fall-back positions of voter fraud and voting-machine chicanery to howl about---can't wait to see Barbara Boxer strut her irate nitwittery just one more time on the Senate floor.

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