Friday, November 10, 2006

LAT Lies About Election Night News Ratings

Fox-News TV was the most-watched TV cable news except for the readers of the Los Angeles Times, which lied outright and straight from the shoulder that CNN outrated FOX News.

That statement fits right into the LAT editorial policy in that it is a sheer outright lie.

No wonder the LAT gets so many Pulitzers, as fake news is what the CSJ eunuchs love as long as it betrays US national secrets and advances the secular-progressive agenda.

Luckily, the circulation of the LAT is plummeting at a rate of about 8% every six months. At this rate, the Orange County Register, a much better newspaper, should surpass its circulation in a few short years.

Dean Baquet was kicked out and the Tribune is trying to offload this sorry specimen of a journalistic hoax. Won't be long now.....

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